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Liza Shtromberg Jewelry is more than any other traditional jewelry.

It is about connecting people with special and symbolic pieces, conveying inspired and powerful messages.



Designed by the recognized and celebrated Jewelry Designer Liza Shtromberg, the Western Wall collection is comprised of unique jewelry for women and men, and embodies passion and love for Israel.


Traditional and modern Jewish values, history and symbolism are all expressed in creative forms on many of her jewelry designs.


Liza Shtromberg’s Western Wall Jewelry Collection is made from an imprint of the stones at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, which is what gives it the organic-looking texture. It is her deep connection to Judaism and Jerusalem that inspired this beloved collection: Liza was born in Russia, but spent her formative years in Israel before moving to Los Angeles, and has been making jewelry since she was a child.



Known as the Kotel in Hebrew, the Western Wall in Jerusalem is the only remaining wall of the ancient Jewish Temple, and is at the heart of ancient Jewish traditions and modern spirituality.

This original and innovative collection lets us keep that close to our hearts when wearing it.


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