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Hebrew Quotes

Treasure yourself or a loved one with
jewelry engraved with Hebrew quotes from our Western Wall Collection

inspirational hebrew quotes

We offer a variation of Western Wall quotes, Jewish quotes about love, and so much more.
Create a unique connection between your heart and the Kotel.

Meant for every occasion, whether graduation or wedding, start your journey with gold Jewish Jewelry or sterling silver Jewish Jewelry.
You can even select engraved jewelry from silver ring quotes embracing confidence or wedding ring 
quotes promoting love. 
A perfect example of a Jewish Hebrew quote about love is: “Ani L’dodi Vedodi Li” which translates to “I am my beloved’s, my beloved is mine”.
This top-selling quote is available in 14K gold engagement rings and wedding rings. 

Start your journey today with a Western Wall gold necklace or bangle
to show your deep connection with the Kotel or symbolize your appreciation for a loved one.



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