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    Meaningful Fine Jewish Jewelry

Welcome To Liza Shtromberg 's Jewish Jewelry Collection

Liza Shtromberg Western Wall Jewelry Collection is featuring
♦ Hand-crafted jewelry
♦ Custom Hebrew Jewelry text
♦ And the imprint of the Western Wall.

In addition to its unique imprint of the Gold Jewish Jewelry and Sterling Silver Jewish Jewelry collection, many of the rings, bangles, and necklaces come with a selection of meaningful quotes that resonate deep within one’s heart.

The monumental meaning behind each piece of jewelry can be passed down from loved one to loved one; from generation to generation.

Our Jewelry

Our uniquely crafted Jewish jewelry collection consists of gold jewelry and Sterling silver jewelry with ethically sourced materials.

We work exclusively with durable and high quality materials using recycled solid gold.
The gold Jewish jewelry collection contains fully recycled materials.
The Sterling silver Jewish jewelry collection is made with 925 sterling silver.

We are committed to value a mindset to care for each piece of Western Wall jewelry that you own because nothing excites us more than providing thoughtful pieces to you!


Description and Details

Wear the Star of David close to your heart with this stunning, hand-sculpted pendant, which is imprinted with texture from stones of the Western Wall in Jerusalem. The sterling silver pendant hangs on a 16” traditional chain with a small turquoise bead that adds a bright, hopeful... Read More

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Mitzvah to Be Joyful Dog Tag Necklace


Small Western Wall Necklace


Anything is Possible Hebrew Engraved Silver Ring


Western Wall Wide Silver Band


The House

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The Story Behind the Imprint

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