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Jewish Rings Collections

Hands are such a means of expression in our lives.
With our hands we express the ideas created in our mind,
We hold hands to express the intention of connecting with others in love, friendship, and cooperation.
Rings through millennia have been used as expression of commitment, seals to confirm our commitment in writing and gifts of affection.
The Western Wall Collection of Jewish rings are impressed with the texture of the stone of the Western Wall and carry quotes of wisdom from Judaism that help keep our intention on the essence of Judaism from which we draw strength to face life’s challenges and celebrate joys.

Whether you are looking for the most special Jewish wedding ring that connects you to the holiest symbol of the Jewish faith, the Temple, an intention setter for yourself, or a token to express your affections to a relative, a ring from the Western Wall Collection is sure to serve as a daily reminder of our connection to the entire nation of Israel through all of the Jewish history.


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